How To Build An Online Store Easy & Actionable Guide

Are you thinking of building an online store? But if you don’t know how to build it then this blog post is only for you!

In this post we are gonna teach you how to build an online store in less than 1 hour with a proper step by step guide.

So, if you really want to know about this then follow this guide.

Before following this article you must have knowledge about online stores.

Why should you build an online store?

As per 2022 research eCommerce sales will hit $5.5 trillion soon. Also all the customers are now shopping online because they save lots of time in ordering a product from an online store.

Also, Nowadays you can create any kind of eCommerce store without  having any knowledge about coding. Because it’s too easy to build an online store using WordPress.

Also It saves Lot’s of time.

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Steps to Start an Online Store in 1 Hour

how to build online store

Step 1: Choose your best product for selling online

Choosing a product is so simple, It totally depends upon Your Category/ Niche. But I suggest you target those products which are very less in the competition.

Also, You can select products according to your passion and hobbies. It is the best way to find the best products to sell online.

Also, You should predict the future. You can select those products which are going to be more demandable in future.

Step 2: Choose domain name for according to your business niche

It’s time to select a domain name. Domain name is like,,

Your full eCommerce store will be built on your domain name. Your audience/ customers will land on your Domain for accessing your eCommerce store.

So, I would recommend purchasing the .com domain if you are targeting worldwide, or if you will target any specific country like the USA then you can take the .us extension and for India take the .In Extension.

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Step 3: Choose best web hosting for your Online Store

To host your whole online store data in online media you have to purchase web hosting, Example for running a computer you need a hard disk or SSD.

Also, There are lot’s of companies in this market but you have to select the best one like I am currently using GreenGeeks on my blogs. 

You will get the best features at only $2.95/mo. Also if you purchase it for a year then you will get a “Free Domain Name For A Year”.

Step 4: Installing WordPress On GreenGeeks

WordPress is the platform which helps you to build an online store without any coding knowledge. It comes with the hosting.

In GreenGeeks you can contact the support team[they are 24/7/365 available] to install WordPress or you can install yourself in less than 1 minute.

You can go to GreenGeeks > cPanel > WordPress.

Now, it’s time to install the theme for our eCommerce store.

Step 5: Installing best WooCommerce theme [ASTRA WP]

Once you install your WordPress now it’s time to install the best eCommerce theme on your WordPress site.

To install Astra theme go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > theme > Add New > Search for Astra theme.

Now, Install and Activate it to use.

Astra has built so many designs for you, to create a more attractive online store to access it, you have to install Astra Starter Sites WordPress plugin.

Now, you can access ready to use customisable templates by Astra.

So, I would recommend you to install the “Plant Shop template” because it is free and the best template.

If you want to see a live demo of this template then you can click here to check it. Also you can step by step guide to setup your online store.

Also you can see a small screenshot of the Plant Shop Template.

Step 6: Install and setup WooCommerce 

It is possible to install and uninstall WordPress plugins like WooCommerce just like any other plugin.

Simply open your WordPress dashboard, hover to plugins > add new > search for WooCommerce plugin.

Install and activate the plugin once you have found it.

The process begins with some basic questions about your online store:

If you want to sell products, you’ll want to specify your location, your currency, and what types of products you want to offer:

Once you’ve selected a payment processor, you’ll be able to set up your store. In addition to Stripe and PayPal, WooCommerce also supports offline payments:

The other two options are probably more appealing to you than offline payments. Any gateway you choose will be integrated with WooCommerce through plugins. 

As soon as the payment has been processed, it’s time to configure the shipping settings for your store. If you want to ship products to a certain zone and what rates you want to apply, WooCommerce will ask you for the following information:

Shipment zones are simply geographic areas where a specific delivery rate should be applied. In your state or province, you might offer one price rate, in your country another, and internationally, a third.

It entirely depends on your goals and the products you will sell as to how much you should charge for shipping. It’s a good idea to check your local post office’s rates if you’re not sure what to charge. Additionally, these numbers can always be changed in the future.

Best WordPress Plugins For Your Store

1. OptinMonster

This conversion optimization software is the most powerful on the market. Your website visitors who abandon your site can be converted into subscribers and customers with this tool.

In addition to decreasing cart abandonment and increasing sales, it can also feature onsite retargeting, upsells, and cross-sells for your eCommerce website.

2. AffiliateWP

Your customers and others can promote your products by using AffiliateWP, a WordPress plugin.

An affiliate’s commission is earned when they make a sale through the link they received when they signed up.

3. CartFlows

WordPress plugin CartFlows makes it easy to create sales funnels. A WooCommerce installation is required, and the plugin uses pre-made templates that can be activated in a few clicks and customized using the most popular page builders.

Final words on Building an Online Store in less than 1 hour

It is a very easy step that we have shared in this article. You can follow this to build an online store in less than 1 hour.

Also, this hosting, domain and theme is necessary for building an online eCommerce store. 

You can comment below if you have successfully created an online store via following our article.

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